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Try to establish a normal workday, where you study from morning to afternoon - even if you do not have classes. Aside from your lectures and tutorials, you will need to read a lot of texts and prepare hand-ins or oral presentations.

Plan your week

You might also have a student job, extracurricular activities or a hobby that you also need to consider in your weekly schedule. How do you structure your weekday to have time to do it all?

Draw up a schedule to get a visual overview of your week. You can plot in lectures, tutorials, spare-time activities and preparation. See the exercise below.

Exercise: My Weekly Schedule

The purpose of My Weekly Schedule is to create an overview of how you spend your time and/or how you would like to spend it. When you fill out the schedule, remember to put everything in there: your studies, work, social events, sports etc.

Exercise: Download "My Weekly Schedule"

Plan your semester

Making a semester plan can help you get a long-term overview of the entire semester, which in turn can help you better plan your weekdays. To make a plan, start out by asking yourself:

  • When will I need to begin to prepare for my exams?
  • Are there any mandatory assignments in my courses?
  • Am I planning any vacations?
  • Any specific busy period at work?