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Motivation is essential to your study habits. What are your goals and what are you aiming at with your studies?

It can also be important to consider your ambitions and expectations for yourself - when will you be satisfied?

Everybody struggles

No matter how much you like your education, you will experience a dip in your motivation at some point in your studies - all students do!

Sometimes, it is just not that pleasant to spend hours and hours on studying, and some courses are just more interesting than others.

6 tips to increase your motivation:

  1. Reward yourself - allow yourself to take some time off to yourself
  2. Study with your friends
  3. Establish a comfortable study environment - do you study best at home or in a reading hall?
  4. Remind yourself of your long-term goals and your reason for studying
  5. Set realistic goals for your study sessions!
  6. Include breaks - do not forget to take small breaks during the day
  7. Plan your studies - when will you be busy during the semester? During the week?