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Assessing Literature

As an academic student, you need to develop critical and independent skills to assess literature and figure out how you can use it as a part of your argumentation.

In an academic context, you are not supposed to pretend you invented everything. You should rather show your ability to build upon existing theories, methods or texts, and show that you are capable of selecting and applying relevant theories to your work.

The following questions can be used when selecting the right literature:

  • Who is the author? Is the author credible?
  • Is the argumentation solid? And is the source material objective?
  • How old is the text? And how does it relate to other texts within your field?
  • Why do you want to use this text? How can you use it?
  • Where is the text published?
  • What literature is the text referencing?
  • Why can the text be trusted? Is it built on sufficient data?
  • Why is this text better than other similar texts?