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FAQ about coronavirus and ITU

Since the Government and the Health authorities have lifted some of the restrictions, we are at a point where we can start to open up Campus again. We are still in the early stages and under a lot of restrictions.

See below for the all the questions regarding the re-opening of Campus.
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ITU Campus re-opened Wednesday April 14, but in a restricted way. 

The opening hours are from 8.00 - 20.00 

Access is only possible within the opening hours and only on weekdays. On weekends and holidays Campus is closed.

Remember to check the requirements for access to ITU. Find it here in this FAQ.

It is only allowed to let 10 percent of all students in at campus at the same time. In order to keep count, you are therefore asked to book a room online before showing up. 

You need to be able to show a valid COVID-19 passport.

Showing a COVID-19 passport means that you can either show:

  • documentation of your negative test-result, no more than 72 hours old 
  • documentation of your vaccine for COVID-19
  • documentation that you have been ill with COVID-19 within the last 6 months

You also need to have a booking for a room at ITU.

Test center

Yes, we have established a test center in Scrollbar, Rued Langgaards vej, where you can get a quick test.

This is to support staff and students in having an easy access to ITU.

The test center is located in Scrollbar. There is no entry to the test center from Atrium.

You need to go outside and enter via the door to Scrollbar at the end of the building.

The test center opens at 7:45 and closes at 14:30.

No, you just show up and wait for your turn.  

You will need to bring your student/staff card and your health insurance card (sygesikringskort).

If you do not have a Danish health insurance card, then please bring another kind of valid legitimation. 

We use a nasal self-test. 

You will be taking the test yourself.

Trained supervisors will assist and supervise to ensure that your testing is carried out correctly and that the test is valid.

The control and registration of your test result will also be handled by the supervisors. 

You may enter the rest of Campus while waiting for your test result.

We rely on you to keep a safe distance of two meters while waiting for your result.

See here for all the general guidelines we need you to follow when at Campus.

Your test result will be sent directly to you via a SMS. The SMS will direct you to a page where you can log in and access your test result. 

Firstly you should go straight home and isolate. Remember to contact SAP about your test result and contact others that you have been in close contact with.

Please read the detailed guidelines concerning what to do if you have been tested positive with COVID-19 here

The test taken at ITU, if negative, is considered a valid COVID-19 passport for up to 72 hours.


You will be able to book a room for the time you need between 8.00 - 20.00

You can only book for weekdays - Weekends and holidays Campus will be closed.
For now you can book up until Friday June 30.

Group Work
You should book only the bigger meeting rooms. Be aware of the distance requirements.

Working alone
If you are working alone you should book and use the rooms that have a capacity of maximum 2-3 students (the sky boxes).

Be aware of how many persons are allowed in the room, you are about to book. (That number appears in brackets after the room number.)

Also, please note that only ITU students are allowed on campus, no guests are not allowed at Campus.

When booking a room, you need to be aware of these restrictions:

  • You can book a room between 8.00 - 20.00 but only on weekdays
  • It is not possible to create recurring meetings
  • The capacity of the rooms is limited due to covid19 restrictions that require a minimum of 2 meters between people.

Please follow this link for instructions on how to book a room via Outlook.

All Labs at ITU are open from Wednesday April 14.

As with classrooms and skyboxes you need to have a booking in order to be able to access Campus.

The general opening hours are from 8.00 - 20.00, but each Lab has individual opening hours. Under How to book a Lab you will be able to see this particular information.

Please open this document to view the time slots available and for information on who to contact for making a booking.

The labs are open for students and staff when a lab manager / lab assistant can be present.

A distance requirement of two meters
In each lab, a limited number of people are allowed at the same time in compliance with the physical distancing requirement which is 2 meters.
A sign on the door to the lab indicates the limit. It is your responsibility to ensure that the limit is not violated.

The general rule of 2 meters distance at all times can in particular situations be deviated from if it is considered necessary in order to perform a certain exercise. In such cases it should preferably be the same small group of students and in the shortest period possible and with the use of protective equipment such as masks etc.

General info

Yes, everyone at ITU needs to wear face masks in all indoor public spaces. This means that you are no longer allowed to enter ITU Campus without a face mask.

You should wear the face mask until you sit down as you have already been practicing when visiting Analog and the Canteen.

If you have forgotten to bring a face mask, you can buy one at the Information Desk. 

Remember that even though you are wearing a face mask, you still need to keep a two-meter distance between yourself and others at all time!

You have to uphold the distance requirement of two meters at alle times while present at campus.

You have to disinfect your hands immediately upon arrival and throughout the time you are present at campus.

By the end of your allotted time slot, you must ensure that your skybox or classroom is aired out, and that contact surfaces such as tables, chairs, door handles etc., are disinfected. In each meeting room you can find a disinfectant, you can use.

You must observe your allotted time slots as they are set to enable cleaning and ventilation before your fellow students arrive to use the room next.

We suggest that you select a person who are responsible for everyone leaving the room on time. 

If you use the labs you must follow the cleaning instructions in the lab. That includes cleaning the equipment, tables, doorknobs, switches, keyboards, screens, water taps etc. after use.

Preferably, equipment should only be used by one person at a time. If you need to share equipment, you should ensure the equipment is kept clean and reduce the time spent in close contact.

Due to the distance requirement of two meters we haven't opened the Balconies.

The thesis offices are also not accessible, since FM is re-modelling and renewing the areas.

Of course we will keep looking at possibilities for opening more areas.

In the Spring semester 2021 all courses, projects, exams and re-exams are online. As always you can find your schedule, courses and exam dates in TimeEdit. For project submissions see here

How do I participate in online teaching?
Lectures will primarily take place in the conferencing and meeting platform Zoom, supported by other activities in learnIT. Check the course page in learnIT. However, please be patient about updates.  

How do I get started with Zoom?
On the course page in learnIT the course manager will provide the unique link for the session. But first, you should test the setup. We recommend that you test the system following the guidelines below: 

Instruction to getting started with Zoom

  1. Open one of the test meetings to download the client:
    If the download doesn’t happen automatically then use this link:
  2. Use the test meeting to check that your audio and video is working. 
    See here how:
    If possible use an external headset or microphone

    In case you have any problems with zoom we recommend to check the zoom support page: See furthermore recommendations and guidelines on cyber security when using Zoom.

Your well-being
If you due to the lockdown struggle with your studies, your motivation and related to this your mental health, please contact our Student advisors. They are on the phones every day from 10-14, except Thursday, where they are closed. You can also book a session with them via this link. They are answering their mail as well.

Another scenario is that you are ill due to COVID19 and in this case you should also contact the Student Advisors, to go through your options. 

If your illness is preventing you from working on an exam assignment or project, remember that you can apply for an exemption to have your exam attempt cancelled, if the illness is preventing you from submitting. This applies for online oral examinations and online written exams as well. Read more about Illness at exams here.

Working from home
You might also struggle with the privacy to actually study from home due to having kids at home (home schooling, test-periods, isolation). Here you off course also have the option to try to apply for an exemption. Read more about how to apply for an exemption.

If in doubt you can always contact the Corona hotline or check out the Danish Health Authority COVID19 page 

This page was last updated May 5 2021