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Possible extended deadline for master theses

If you are not able to hand in your master thesis in due time on June 2, you are granted the possibility of extending your deadline to September 1.

How to extend the deadline: 

​Fill in this form and send it to SAP on Send it no later than May 18.

The new deadline

You might ask why the new deadline is September 1 and not July 1 or August 1. This is due to the fact, that at some point during these months staff will be on vacation. Therefore, your thesis will either not be graded, or you will not have the possibility of getting supervision before you submit 

You will not be entitled to more supervision than otherwise, but you will have the opportunity to prolong your supervision until September 1. Please be aware that your supervisor might be on summer holiday at some point during July and August. Thus, it is a good idea to make clear appointments with your supervisor regarding when it will be possible to plan meetings during the summer. 

Your master thesis will be graded according to the same criteria regardless of date of handing-in.

Group theses
If your group need to split up your thesis project, due to these challenging times, you will need to contact SAP. Write an email to