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Guidelines for health and safety in relation to COVID-19

The health of students and staff is our top priority. We realize the extraordinary social distancing measures and the ongoing uncertainty of COVID-19 are challenging. We hope you find the guidelines and instructions on this page helpful in maintaining your overall health and wellbeing. The university is continuously monitoring the latest advice and recommendations from the Danish Health Authority, and we will update the guidelines on this page regularly.

Taking precautions is the key to everyone’s health. We therefore expect that everyone working and studying on campus will conform to the health and safety measures – i.e. respecting physical distancing requirements and keeping good hand hygiene – for the sake of everybody’s safety.

If you fall into to a high-risk group, you can contact the Student Affairs and Programmes at for further assistance. We furthermore recommend you to read the Danish Health Authority’s guidelines for people at higher risk:

If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 – cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fever, chills, muscle pain, headache, or sore throat – you should stay at home. If the symptoms appear while you are staying at ITU, you should leave campus immediately and contact your doctor. If you do have COVID-19 you must stay at home until you are well again and have been free of symptoms for at least 48 hours.

It is the responsibility of the lab managers or the teaching faculty to ask a student with symptoms of COVID-19 to leave campus. The teacher/lab manager and the rest of the students in the class are allowed to continue the course in accordance with the guidelines of the Danish Health Authority. 
Students who are well, but who have a sick family member at home with COVID-19, are not allowed on campus according to the guidelines of the authorities. 

Opening hours and access to the building

Part of the campus will be open all weekdays from 8:00 – 16:00. You are not allowed on campus outside the opening hours unless you have a special permission. You can only access the building from the parking lot and via the bicycle parking facilities in the basement. 

If you are one of the few who are allowed access to the building in the first phase of the reopening, you should always have your ITU access card with you for identification. The access you have gained to the building is strictly personal, and you are not allowed to let anyone else in on campus. Access to the building is given for a specific period and only in the opening hours.

Accessible areas

The classrooms, meeting rooms and other common areas on the 5th floor are accessible for students and staff. All other floors are closed except for the employees who need to get access to their office. 

The facilities in the atrium are accessible. Tables and chairs can be used but they cannot be moved around because they are placed to comply the rules for physical distancing.
Toilets on the 5th floor and in the atrium are accessible. All other toilets will be closed.

Both staff and students can use the kitchen at the 3rd floor (3A16) to make tea and coffee. The refrigerator will not be in use. All other kitchens will be closed.

Traffic on the stairs will be one-way. Please observe the signs by the stairs for guidance. Elevators can only be used by a maximum of one person at a time. Signs will guide how to enter and leave the elevator while following the physical distancing guidelines issued by the authorities.

The biking facilities in the basement is in use, but all other facilities in the basement will be closed.


IxD, Air Lab, Dirty Lab, Real Lab and PiT Lab are open for students and staff when a lab manager can be present. Opening hours can vary from one lab to another. Please arrange with the lab manager when to access the lab.
In each lab a limited number of people is allowed at the same time. A sign on the door to the lab indicates the limit. 

Hygiene and cleaning

We have increased the level of cleaning to mitigate the disease. 

High-touch surfaces – e.g. tables, hard-backed chairs, doorknobs, light switches, railings, toilets, water taps, sinks etc. – will be cleaned twice a day in all the common areas which are in use. 

You are expected to tidy up before leaving common areas and if you use the labs you must follow the cleaning instructions in the lab. That includes cleaning of the equipment, tables, doorknobs, switches, keyboards, screens, water taps etc. after use. Preferably, equipment should only be used by one person at a time. If you need to share equipment you should ensure equipment is kept clean and reduce the time spent in close contact. Disposable gloves must always be used by staff and students while spending time in a lab.

Four dispensers with alcohol hand sanitizer are placed in each end of the top-level floor and in each end of the atrium. 
If you need personal protective equipment you can obtain face covering and disposable gloves from the Facilities Management. FM can also provide you with alcohol hand sanitizers and disinfectants for cleaning.

Level of service

In the first phase of the reopening, the canteen will remain closed. The IT Help desk, the Study and Career Guidance and SAPfront desk are accessible online.