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FAQ about coronavirus and ITU

Since the Government and the Health authorities have lifted the restrictions, we are at a point where we are fully open on Campus again.

See below for the all the questions regarding the re-opening of Campus.
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ITU Campus has fully re-opened with access to campus 24/7. 

Everyone can now enter as normal. We recommend all coming to ITU to either have the vaccine or test regularly, even though it is no longer a requirement to have a valid corona passport for entering the ITU Campus.

Guests are also allowed again to Campus.

Not all students and staff are vaccinated yet, and we therefore suggest you still show consideration by keeping a safe distance to others. 


General info

If you are infected with COVID-19 you need to be at home and self-isolate. What is also important is that you contact SAP as soon as possible. We will need to talk to you about your close contacts at ITU.

Please call SAP on this number: +45 72 18 54 05 or send an email to, listing your phone number. Please keep your phone close, because we need to be able to reach you.

When writing to SAP title your email Corona positive.

Then you need to stay at home. If you are being tested for COVID19 you also need to stay at home until hopefully you receive a negative test result.

We have returned to ITU after the lock down and all courses, groupwork and exams are taking place at ITU campus again.

Be aware that the restrictions have been lifted and coming to campus is considered safe. COVID-19 is no longer considered an exceptional situation.

If you have symptoms or you test positive with COVID-19 of course you cannot participate in class and group activities, since you need to stay at home.   

Missing out on a lecture
Should you miss out on some lectures due to special circumstances caused by COVID-19, as in any other case, it is a good idea to stay in contact with fellow students for important information and updates.

Missing out on many lectures
If you miss out on too many lectures and knowledge due to special circumstances caused by COVID-19, you can consider applying for an exemption. Read more about how to apply for an exemption.

All students and staff are recommended to get vaccinated or test frequently and we should all show consideration by keeping a safe distance to others. 

It is necessary to mention that since all restrictions have been lifted, we are back to normal with students attending lectures and exercises at ITU.

The teacher is not required to be able to share his lecture online or present anything digital.

See the information above if you are missing out on lectures due to either having symptoms or being tested positive with COVID-19.

As with any illness, if it is preventing you from going to your exam or handing in your exam assignment you can apply for an exemption.

You follow the normal procedure described here under Illness at exams

No, you no longer need to wear a face mask at ITU.

You no longer need to keep a one-meter distance between yourself and others at all times. 

Also please remember that not all staff and students are vaccinated yet and show consideration by keeping a distance and remember to sanitize your hands during the day.

If you use the labs you must follow the cleaning instructions in the lab. That includes cleaning the equipment, tables, doorknobs, switches, keyboards, screens, water taps etc. after use.

Preferably, equipment should only be used by one person at a time. If you need to share equipment, you should ensure the equipment is kept clean and reduce the time spent in close contact.

If in doubt you can always contact the Corona hotline or check out the Danish Health Authority COVID19 page 

This page was last updated September 2021