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FAQ about coronavirus and ITU

Important - Please Note

Since we are in a period of lock-down, with no access to ITU Campus the below FAQ will be out of date concerning some information.

We will update the FAQ so it is aligned with how Spring 2021 will function when it is possible for us to do so. 

If you are infected with COVID-19 you need to be at home and self-isolate. What is also important is that you contact SAP as soon as possible.

We will need to talk to you about your close contacts at ITU and where you have stayed at ITU.

Please call SAP on this number: +45 30 66 61 84 or send an email to Please keep your phone close, because we need to be able to reach you.

Yes. When you leave a room you must ensure that the room is aired out, and that contact surfaces, such as tables, chairs, door handles, etc. are disinfected.

In each teaching and meeting room you can find wipes with disinfectant.

Yes, starting from Thursday, October 29, everyone at ITU needs to wear face masks in all indoor public spaces. This means that you are no longer allowed to enter ITU Campus without a face mask.

You should wear the face mask until you sit down as you have already been practicing when visiting Analog and the Canteen. You should now also wear a mask in atrium, on the balconies and at the second floor of Emil Holms Kanal. You do not have to wear a mask in the office wings and on the third and fourth floor of Emil Holms Kanal.

If you have forgotten to bring a face mask, you can buy one at the Information Desk. 

Remember that even though you are wearing a face mask, you still need to keep a one-meter distance between yourself and others at all time!

No, from December 9 until further notice Campus will be closed down, this including the Labs and the work places normally free for students to use.

Due to COVID-19 it has been necessary to move a lot of our courses online. But not all courses are online. We still host lectures at ITU, all in accordance with the general recommendations for health and safety.

For all courses that take place at ITU it is necessary to mention that the teacher is not required to be able to share his lecture online or present anything digital.

As the lecture is located at ITU, the physical presence can be important for keeping up with the course. Should you miss out on some lectures due to COVID-19, as in any other case, it is a good idea to stay in contact with fellow students for important information and updates.

If you miss out on too many lectures and knowledge due to special circumstances, you can consider applying for an exemption. Read more about how to apply for an exemption.

The ban for gatherings (forsamlingsforbuddet) do not apply to lectures or other activities related to teaching at universities according to a set of specific guidelines for universities.

However, everyone should be able to maintain a one-meter distance between each other at all times no matter the size of the class.

Then you need to stay at home. If you are being tested for COVID19 you also need to stay at home until hopefully you receive a negative test result.

In the Autumn semester 2020 you will experience a mix og physical and online teaching at ITU. You can see which of your classes that have moved online in TimEdit

How do I participate in online teaching?
Lectures will primarily take place in the conferencing and meeting platform Zoom, supported by other activities in learnIT. Check the course page in learnIT. However, please be patient about updates.  

How do I get started with Zoom?
On the course page in learnIT the course manager will provide the unique link for the session. But first, you should test the setup. We recommend that you test the system asap following the guidelines below: 

Instruction to getting started with Zoom

  1. Open asap one of the test meetings to download the client:
    If the download doesn’t happen automatically then use this link:
  2. Use the test meeting to check that your audio and video is working. 
    See here how:
    If possible use an external headset or microphone

    In case you have any problems with zoom we recommend to check the zoom support page: See furthermore recommendations and guidelines on cyber security when using Zoom.

Meetings with external participants must be held online if it is possible and makes sense.

Parents and friends to newly graduated students, must celebrate outside of ITU and should not enter the buildings.

You can find information about SU in relation to the coronavirus here. If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact Student Affairs and Programmes on

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark is continuously revising their travel guidelines and adding more Schengen member states allowing foreign arrivals to the running list of countries, you may travel to. Find more information here.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark still advice against all unnecessary travels to the rest of the world until August 31.  

If you return from a country not on the list of approved countries, you must go into a two-week self-isolation period in which we kindly ask you not to enter the campus.

If you have a high-risk condition that prevents you from attending courses on campus, you must apply for an exemption. You need a medical certificate (lægeerklæring) from your medical advisor, describing precautions to prevent an infection.

Please contact the Study and Career Guidance in order to make a revised study plan to attach to your exemption application. Please find more information on How to apply for exemption.

If in doubt you can always contact the Corona hotline or check out the Danish Health Authority COVID19 page 

This page was last updated January 8 2021