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Take a Course at ITU during Summer

Would you like to have more time to study and maybe work during the semester, and are you willing to spend your summer at ITU? From next summer you will be able to take a course in July. Read more about how and why in this interview with Head of Student Affairs & Programmes Lene Rehder.

Written October 28, 2019 by Marlene Mee Ahrens

Why have ITU decided to offer courses during summer at ITU? 

“It all started with a request from students who would like more flexibility in planning their studies. We know that many students are very busy during the semester, so we want to offer them more flexibility. We did a short survey among ITU students and 80% of the participants expressed a clear interest and would consider attending a summer course at ITU.  

What do you hope to achieve by offering courses during summer?

“First of all, we hope to increase the wellbeing of students and through that get a better learning environment. 

What courses will students be able to take?

This first summer, ITU will offer seven to eight courses. Most courses will be mandatory courses, other courses will be electives. All courses will be 7,5 ECTS. However, it is important that there are enough students for the course to run during summer.

What are your expectations of this first Summer University? 

This summer will be a pilot summer so to speak as we have never done anything like it before. Right now, we are working on staffing and planning the courses and to figure out practicalities such as when FM should do maintenance, which is normally done during summer, etc.  It is also quite different to execute a course over three to four weeks instead of a semester. We are excited to see how it will all work out. 

When should the students sign up? 

They have to sign up for Summer University courses already in December, when they also sign up for courses for the spring semester. All students will hear more about the practicalities as we get closer to December.