Segment 3 DR Byen

New classrooms and more space this summer

The number of students and staff at ITU is increasing and both Staff and Students have expressed a need for more space. Therefore, the IT University has rented four floors in DR Byen. In this interview University Director, Georg Dam Steffensen, tells about the expansion and how it will affect you as a student.

Written January 27, 2020 by Marlene Mee Ahrens

How will students be affected by the expansion to DR Byen? 

“I know it has been a wish for some time among students to get more space, and we are happy to finally be able to fulfill that wish. There are classrooms in the DR Building where some will go to have classes, and since part of the academic staff are moving there, they may have to go there for supervision. About 185 members of staff will move across the canal.”

How will students access the new building?

“Everyone with an access card to ITU can enter the new building. However, the building will not be open during daytime like ITU. You will always need to use your access card to get in. Our floors will be completely separated from the rest of DR, and you will not be able to enter DR Byen.”

What are the new classrooms like?

“There are seven middle sized classrooms and one large classroom. They are all modern, comfortable and   of a very high standard. Students can look forward to having classes there.” 

When will students start to have classes in the new building? 

“We will get the keys March 1 and the following months will be spent getting ready to move in. Staff will move during august and students will start having classes there from the autumn semester 2020.

However, Rued Langgaards Vej will still be the primary place for taking classes and other kinds of student activity, and the Study and Career Guidance plus SAP will stay here. So, as a student you will probably have to cross the canal sometimes but not every day.” 

Facts about the expansion

  • ITU has rented four floors, second to fifth, in the DR building right across the canal.
  • 185 persons from staff will move there.
  • It will be a mix of administrative and academic staff.
  • The second floor will be used for classes.
  • Technical and administrative staff will be located on the third floor.
  • Academic staff will be located on the fourth floor.
  • The fifth floor will be rented out to small companies.