Atriumboks smal

Message from the Head of Studies

Dear MSc thesis students,

These are extraordinary times, and I recognize that the public measures to contain the spread of the corona virus make your work on master theses extra challenging. Teaching and supervision at ITU have moved online, and I hope you are in remote contact with your supervisors now that you cannot meet with them face-to-face. We know that you are in a difficult situation, but do know that we at the ITU are doing all we can to secure the quality of your learning and education.

A supervisor and researcher myself, I can imagine that many of you struggle to collect empirical data these days. Doing interviews, observation studies, etc., is hard work already; having to do it online does not make it easier. In case you have not seen it already, I suggest you have a look at this online resource about “Doing Fieldwork in a Pandemic”. Also, please have a discussion with your supervisors about whether your project can be tweaked or developed in a fashion that fits the current situation.

Since things have developed very fast over the last week, we have limited the number of newsletters sent to you and instead focused on keeping ITUStudent constantly updated. Please bookmark this page and go there regularly to keep up with developments.

We are aware that many of you are concerned about your deadline June 1st. We are considering different possibilities and will get back to you as soon as possible. 

I look forward to celebrating you and your graduation from ITU later this year. Until then: take care, everyone.

All the best,
Aske Kammer, Head of Studies.
March 19, 2020