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FAQ about coronavirus and the ITU lockdown

The ITU buliding remains closed until further notice. 
ITU is reopening gradually and activities that require personal attendance may take place on campus. If you are one of the few who will be allowed back, you will be contacted directly. All exams will be online. 
You will be allowed to pick up your personal belongings June 2. Read more here

You can access the building June 2 to collect your personal items. Read more here

ITU will still offer teaching and supervision to our students. It will just have to happen remotely through devices rather than in physical proximity. The normal schedules for teaching will still stand.

How do I participate in teaching?
Lectures will primarily take place in the conferencing and meeting platform Zoom, supported by other activities in learnIT. Check the course page in learnIT. However, please be patient about updates.  

How do I get started with Zoom?
On the course page in learnIT the course manager will provide the unique link for the session. But first, you should test the setup. We recommend that you test the system asap following the guidelines below: 

Instruction to getting started with Zoom

  1. Open asap one of the test meetings to download the client:
    If the download doesn’t happen automatically then use this link:
  2. Use the test meeting to check that your audio and video is working. 
    See here how:
    If possible use an external headset or microphone

    In case you have any problems with zoom we recommend to check the zoom support page: See furthermore recommendations and guidelines on cyber security when using Zoom.

All exams this semester will be held online 
If this involves any changes to your exams, you can read about it in the course room in LearnIT. Look under "News".
If you did not receive any information in LearnIT, your exams will be conducted as previously announced – just online. This is the case for many exams at ITU.

For your preparation for online oral exams, please have a look at this page with guidelines, tutorials and good advises.

Submission re-exams (C- and D-exams, projects and theses) will continue as planned. 

Submission of BSc projects and theses will continue as planned if possible. We know that the current situation is challenging, therefore we have gathered some good advices and hacks that can help you. Find them here.

Also, please have a discussion with your supervisor about whether your project can be tweaked or developed in a fashion that fits the current situation.

Summer University will run physically on campus as planned. See more info on Summer University here.

As ITU is in lockdown, The IT Library is closed. Therefore, you can not handle physical books, nor requests or inter-library loans. Access to e-books is not possible either.

You can still use the electronic databases of scientific articles via the search interface searchIT.

Use ITU VPN connection when searching via remote access

A number of publishers have granted (some degree of) open access throughout the international corona-virus lockdown.

These include:

Cambridge University Press (700 textbooks): Read more here

Universitetsforlaget (36,000+ research articles and books):

JSTOR (6,000+ eboks and 150+ journals; not a lockdown initiative, but still worth mentioning): https: //

New York Public Library has 300,000+ downloadable books (and more than 800,000 downloadable items): Read more here 

National Emergency Library provide Digitized Books to Students and the Public. There are 2,5 million titles to choose from. Read more here

Directory of Open Acces journals have more than 14.000 journals available.

ITU has access to IEEE suite of 400 + eLearning courses through to the end of June to help support students and faculty members teaching engineering and computer science. Find them here.

Finally, many researchers share pre-prints of their research on sites such as ResearchGate and

This list is not exhaustive. If you know of other resources, please share them with fellow students and 

Remember, you still have access to a wide range of scientific articles through a number of databases. Find the full list here.

You can find information about SU in relation to the coronavirus here. If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact Student Affairs and Programmes on

 We recommend you to reduce all travels:

  • If you hold a Danish passport, please stay in Denmark.
  • If you hold a non-Danish passport, please stay in Denmark or travel to your home country to stay there
  • If you hold a non-Danish passport, and need to enter Denmark, you need to document your residency. For instance with a social security card (the yellow card) or a residence card. You must have a Danish address registered in the Danish Cpr. register. If in doubt about that, send an e-mail to and we can check it for you. This only applies as long as ITU is physically closed for teaching.


As the ITU building is closed we can not sign or stamp anything at the moment. We are sorry for the inconvenience. If you need to document that you are an active student at ITU, you can download documentation on MyStudyActivities

There are several ways to get assistance. As the University building is closed, we can not receive you in person or receive your calls. If you send us an-email, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

SAPfront - Questions about course registration, exams, SU, exemptions and credit transfer:

The Study and Career Guidance - Doubts about your choice of study, you future career, clarification of skills, individual issues, study planning, project writing, exam problems, group matters:

Studenterrådgivningen - Psychological or mental challenges. They offer free counselling and have established special activities to support students under the circumstances of Covid19. 

Please find more info on their website:
In Danish:
In English: