A jungle

Don't get lost in the wilderness of GDPR

A lot of us know the term GDPR but are unsure of the responsibilities. The General Data Protection Regulations determine the responsibility implied when working with and handling personal data.

Written September 18, 2023 by Student Affairs and Programmes

As a student working in the field of IT, you are likely to experience handling data when working on a project or through course assignments.

Maybe you are collecting the data yourself, maybe you are using data sets collected for or by a company or shared with you as data sets in a course – in any context you as the controller are obliged to handle and store the data following the general requirements.

But what are the requirements? How do you operate and secure that your project and assignments live up to the requirements of GDPR? What can seem like a jungle, doesn’t have to be. At ITU we offer a GDPR awareness course and we urge you to take it, so you do not get lost.

The course can be taken both in English and Danish, it takes about 60 minutes and besides giving you the overview to work correct accordingly to GDPR you get a diploma, for future work references.

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