New students in atrium

Call for Buddies

Written March 19, 2020 by Søren Sønderskov Hansen

The time has come to apply for a Buddy position for the intro period of 2020! 

What is a Buddy? 
Buddies have an active role in interacting with the Freshers, and are also interconnected with the Tutors. The Buddies are there to boost the overall experience by socializing and engaging in all planned activities. 

We are looking for Bar Buddies & Kitchen Buddies to assist during the Introweek and on the Fresher’s trip 2020. Being a Bar Buddy means serving drinks and potentially DJ’ing, while Kitchen Buddies prepare food and snacks. Of course, both teams assist with cleaning and maintaining a great work environment.

What will you do? 
You will be working alongside 40 Tutors to create an amazing experience for the new bachelor students starting in the fall of 2020. You will be working during the Fresher’s Trip and a few hours, of own choice, during the Introweek. 
The introweek is from August 17th until August 21st and the Fresher’s trip is from August 29th until August 31st. We expect you to be available during the entire Fresher’s Trip, and preferably during most of the time of the Intro week to help execute different activities.  

To apply, it is required that you can attend a workshop on August 9th that will contain practical information regarding the Intro week, the Fresher’s Trip and some team building. 

What is in it for you? 
The position of Buddy is entirely voluntary work, but there are some great benefits of joining in:

You will get to meet and socialize with all the new bachelor students
Take part in executing different activities during the Intro Week and Fresher’s Trip
Experience with taking care of several hundred people, on a tight schedule

What are we looking for?
People who know how to be responsible while still being able to have fun!
People who are reliable, flexible and outgoing wanting to help make the 2020 Study Start as good as possible for new bachelor students
Students currently enrolled at ITU

How to apply? 
Send an e-mail to Kasper Henningsen at with the subject “Buddy 2020”.  Attach your application and CV in one concecutive file as PDF, where you tell a bit about yourself: 

Why do you want to be a Buddy?
What can you contribute with to a Buddy Team?
What did the Introduction days mean for your own start at ITU?
Whether you prefer to be a Bar Buddy or a Kitchen Buddy
Preferably a picture

Deadline for the application is April 1st at 13.00 
We strive to get back with an answer within two weeks. 

If you have any questions Head Tutors, Kasper and Julie, will be happy to answer them by email with the subject “Buddy Questions”. 

Kasper Henningsen   – – In charge of kitchen Buddies 
Julie Otto Wibe Poss –   – In charge of Bar Buddies 

We are looking forward to hearing from you. 

OBS! There will be more dates where the Buddy Team will meet up. However, due to COVID-19, we cannot present any of these dates. If chosen for the team, we will get back with more information.  

Best regards,  
The Head Tutor Team