Vice Chancellor Martine Tvede Zachariasen

A strategy is more than just a piece of paper

The current strategy of ITU will run out by the end of 2021. Therefore, management at ITU has begun preparing for a new strategy, and now it is time for all of us to get involved. In this interview Vice Chancellor Martin Tvede Zachariasen talks about the process of writing a new strategy, and why it is important that we all contribute.

Written November 12, 2020 by itu\kany

Why do we need a new strategy?

The primary reason is that the current strategy will run out by the end of 2021. The next strategy should run from 2022 to 2025. We have reached most of the goals we set out to achieve with the current strategy and it is time to set new goals and set the direction the IT University should pursue for the next four years.

Can you tell us more about the process of making of the new strategy?

The discussions about the overall goals of the new strategy began earlier this year and the goals were discussed by the Board of Directors in September. We will continue this discussion and present the current proposal for overall goals at the Board of Directors meeting on November 19.

You, the students, will also be asked to contribute. You will receive an invitation very soon to join a presentation on December 9 of our proposal of the overall goals. This will be a virtual presentation due to the circumstances.

After the presentation you will be able to provide feedback through the SAT teams and the Student Council. This process will run till the end of February. Then they will gather all input and feedback, and report back to us. After finishing this process, we will start drafting a full version of the strategy. This draft will be presented and discussed by the Board of Directors in April. Subsequently, the draft will be sent into circulation for feedback from staff and students once more, and hopefully we will be ready to present the final strategy by June next year.

Why is it important that staff and students contribute to the making of the new strategy?

It is important because a strategy is not only a piece of paper, but rather actions that will have to be carried out within the next four years in order to achieve the goals described. You will also be affected, and you should therefore have a say in whether you think this is the right way to go.

We would also like to receive as much qualified input as possible from both staff and students about how to realise these goals. This includes ideas for activities which can help us to achieve the goals of the strategy.

What will be the focus of the new strategy?

The new strategy is in some way an extension of the current strategy. Growth is definitely a headline – in the sense that we would like to educate more IT professionals, but also educate and train more researchers in IT. Of course, such a vision of growth depends on the support of the politicians because we cannot do it without further funding. So, it will also be a goal to ensure funding for growth.

How can you influence the politicians and the ministry to achieve this goal?

One of the ways we can try to influence politicians is when we negotiate the strategic framework contract. This contract is negotiated every fourth year with the Ministry of Higher Education and Science.

The current strategic framework contract will also run out in 2021. We don’t know exactly when but expect that negations will start in the middle of next year. Our plan is to bring our new strategy to the table to show this is the direction we would like to take – and then hope that the Ministry of Higher Education will support our overall goals.