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The registration requirement has been lowered to 22,5 ECTS

This new situation will affect both students and administration and we will all learn as we go along.

Written November 21, 2022 by Student Affairs and Programmes

A work-in-progress
Since 2014 the registration requirement at ITU has been 30 ECTS. This has in many ways structured and formed our guidance, administrative practices, and all-round knowledge about how things correlate. The lowering of the registration requirement to 22,5 ECTS will change a lot of our usual practices and know-how, but the new flexibility will also add a lot more responsibility to the individual student in relation to their registrations and overall managing of their studies.

How does this influence my study plan?
Even though the registration requirement has been lowered, the ITU study programmes are still structured with 30 ECTS each semester, so choosing to study 22,5 ECTS means postponing a course to a later semester. This might be helpful if you need a breather in your studies or need to ease your workload a bit, but you should still be aware of the progression of your study. In doubt, you can always contact The Study and Career Guidance for help with a study plan.  

The courses allowed to postpone are tagged with this symbol ֎ in your Study programme overview on ITU Student. Find it under Your programme / Contents of your programme. 

New possibilities – new responsibilities
The possibility of postponing study activities makes it vital for you to plan your studies according to the progression requirement. The progression requirement stems from the Ministry of education and outlines that you need to pass 45 ECTS each year. If you fail to meet the progression requirement, you will need an exemption to continue your studies at ITU. We emphasize this since Student Affairs and Programmes will no longer follow up on your registrations to make sure you fulfill the registration criteria.  If you are in any way unsure of whether you will fulfill the progression requirement, we recommend talking to SAP before deciding on postponing a course.

For BSc 1st year students
The new registration requirement does not apply to BSc year students who still need to study full time on their first and second semester.  

See the FAQ below for further insights and highlights of all you need to be aware of


How will this influence the registration process?
The registration process will continue as usual:
- SAP will register you for the mandatory courses according to the year you started.
- You need to register for electives, projects and  specialization courses and the thesis yourself.
- You need to register for all third exam attempts.
- If you are not following the standard structure of your programme, you need to register for the correct mandatory courses yourself.

When and how do I deregister?
You can only deregister from courses in the course change period, which is the first two weeks of the semester (Spring: weeks 5-6 / Autumn: weeks 35-36). You deregister by sending an e-mail to After the end of the course change period, all your registrations are binding. We recommend that you register for 30 ECTS in the registration period, and then make the final decision regarding your registrations in the course change period.

Can I deregister or push any course I want to?
To be able to ensure a proper study progression each Head of Study Programme has decided on a specific course or study element for each semester, which can be postponed. You can find the chosen courses on ITU Student / Your programme / contents of your programme. The specific courses are tagged with this symbol ֎

What if I didn’t register correctly?
As a consequence of the lowered registration criteria, Student Affairs and Programmes will not as previously follow up on your registrations and administratively register you for missing courses or projects - including your bachelor’s project or thesis! If you discover that you are missing any registrations after the course change period (weeks 6 and 36), you will need to apply for (and have approved) an exemption. 

What about SU?
As it has always been the case you need to live up to the SU study activity requirement, to be able to receive SU. For students enrolled after June 2016 this allows you to be delayed by 30 ECTS. If you are more than 30 ECTS behind you will be considered study inactive and your SU will stop. Please read for more details at ITU Student or