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My Study Activities is down?

If you cannot access My Study Activities and you cannot register, there is no need to panic! Please just be patient and try again later. We will re-start My Study Activities continuously all through the period.

Written May 27, 2024 by Student Affairs and Programmes

About last time
During the last registration period we experienced that heavy activity could effect the system, making it crash. To help overcome the problem, we have decided to extend the registration period, hoping to minimize heavy traffic, so please just register through-out the whole period and not just in the beginning and in the end.

The registration period opens 31 May and closes 11 June, extending the period with two whole days.

It is NOT first come, first served.
All seats will be allocated after the period closes.
Remember to register for ALL your study activities
As highlighted in our earlier communication you need to register for all your study activities yourself, including the mandatory courses. This is aligned with the new decision to discontinue the registration requirement effective 1 September 2024.
Please re-visit our break down of this New Normal and the possible downfalls to be aware of here