Atriumboks smal

Assesment of the study enviornment

All students are entitled to a good study environment where the education takes place in a safe and sound way. At ITU, we consider it a shared responsibility among staff and students to provide and sustain a good study environment.  

The Act on the Educational Environment of Pupils and Students  

It is a legal requirement for all educational institutions to carry out an assessment of the physical, psychological and aesthetic study environment at least every third year. 

At ITU the assessment is part of Læringsbarometeret, a survey carried out by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education every other year. The Danish Centre for Educational Environment have designed a series of questions on the study environment that ensure the assessment meet the legal requirements. The questions can be added to Læringsbarometeret and ITU have chosen to do so.

The Purpose of the Assessment

The assessment cover the physical, psychological and aesthetic study environment. Its areas where the study environment can be improved in order for action to be taken.

Follow up on Results

SAP provides management and decision-making bodies with statistics and tables showing results by study programme and for ITU as a whole.

It is a requirement that students are involved in the process. At ITU this happens via the student representatives in the Board of Studies.

The Board of Studies is responsible for identifying and deciding on areas in need of improvement. They make an action plan and distribute responsibilities for implementation of actions among management, decision-making bodies, committees, departments etc.

The Previous Study Environment Assessments 

See the full Study Environment Assessment 2017 (UMV) here.

See the Action Plan for the Study Environment Assessment.

See the Study Environment Assessment 2018 here.