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Replace a module

Only for MSc

Replace a mandatory course with an elective, if you have taken a similar course during your bachelor’s degree
If you have acquired qualifications in previous studies that are similar to one or more courses or modules in your current programme, you can apply for an exemption to have the course or module substituted with an elective module.

How to apply

Fill out an application form

When you apply for a module replacement, you must enclose:

  • The name of the course from your MSc degree in question
  • An official description of the course completed on your BSc programme; a project agreement or similar documentation. You do not need to specify the elective course you want to take as a replacement
  • A certified copy of an examination certificate which documents:
    • that you have passed the study activity
    • the study activity's ECTS points. 

Send the above in an email entitled ’exemption to replace a module’ to

Timeline for applications

The deadline is every 1st of the month throughout the year
(July not included)

This means that all applications received up until (as an example) March 1 will be processed during March.

The reply to the application will then follow around first of April (the standard processing time being 4 weeks.) 

If you want to apply in good time, then aim at applying for Autumn courses already during Spring.

And vice versa apply for Spring courses during the autumn semester leading up.

Keep in mind that you need to have the approval, to be able to deregister from the course.

Therefore apply in good time with regards to the registration periods. Find them here

Consequences of replacing modules

If the Study Board grants you permission to replace a course (7.5 ECTS or 15 ECTS) you can choose another course offered at the IT University as long as it matches the ECTS points and is offered as an elective on your programme. You need to register for the elective in the semester where the course was replaced.

If the Board of Studies approves you replacing 22.5 ECTS or more, you must engage in two specialisations instead of one.
In that particular case you need to fill out a provisional study plan to let us know how you will study.

It is only after your application has been considered that you have to decide on the alternative courses and planning of your semesters.