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The Study and Career Guidance offers coaching and guidance in every subject related to your studies and your future career. We host a number of events for students, and we offer a talk with a professional and trained student advisor.

- Talking to a Study Advisor gave me a break in all my thoughts, as I did not feel well in my study. They are very kind and understanding, and I realized that I am not the only one who is experiencing doubt and stress. This is unfortunately not something we address openly in my study year (BDDIT student).

Contact The Study and Career Guidance if you are experiencing doubt about your choice of study, experiencing lack of motivation or struggling with the everyday life as a student. We also offer guidance within your future career, clarifications of your competencies and skills.

We also offer consultation on individual issues, thesis and project writing, exam problems, group matters and more.

You can also contact The Study and Career Guidance if you have questions about which courses to choose or if you are considering applying for exemptions.

Find our contact information here.

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- I reached out to the student advisors as I was feeling stressed, demotivated, and was generally struggling with studying and group work. The student advisor helped me feel less stressed and that struggling was okay. Together we created a plan for my future studies, and it helpted to talk it through and take action. We still check in regularly as needed (MSc student).

-Throughout the past year of online teaching and Corona, I have seeked advice from the study guidance when I have been either worried about keeping up with the virtual teaching, felt behind, stressed or had general concerns regarding my studies. I’ve never felt judged by the student counsellor, who instead continues to support and help me find the best tools and possible solutions for overcoming challenges throughout the semester (4th Semester BSc student).