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Open Office and ExploreIT

The International Coordinator will be having Open office days, for students who are considering and/or are applying for exchange.

Typically, the Open office days will take place in January, June and August. Exact dates will be posted here.

Next Open Office:

28 October (Zoom)
Time will be posted soon. 


ExploreIT is a bigger scale event hosted by the International coordinator, where you will receive useful information about a stay abroad. It is directed at students who are applying for exchange in the following autumn semester, where the deadline for applying is February 1, but all curious students are welcome.

Join ExploreIT autumn 2021

Come join us for a presentation at ITU about all the opportunities for exchange and hear about the whole process.
Also stay for the Q&A session where you can get answers to all your questions.

When: October 27 2021 at 16-18
Where: Aud3