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Special Educational Support

Special Educational support (SPS) is meant to ensure that students with a physical or mental disability can complete a higher education on equal terms with other students. 

To be eligible to receive SPS, you must have a disability that requires extra support for you to complete your education.

This could be:

  • Physical (e.g. disabilities that limit your motor functions, physical diseases, visually or hearing handicapped)
  • Mental (e.g. autism, Aspergers syndrome or clinical depression)
  • Neurological (e.g. dyslexia, brain damage)

You must be a Danish citizen or have status equivalent of a Danish citizen. 

What kind of support

The support can e.g. be funds for aid tools, translation of books or if you need to hire a mentor, or an interpreter for sign language. The money is administered by the IT University but is granted by the Ministry of Education – you can read more about the rules and requirements for SPS here (in Danish).

How to apply

The process of applying actually starts with booking a meeting with the SPS student counsellor.

Due to the time it takes to process an application for SPS in the Ministry of Children and Education we recommend that you apply as soon as you are admitted to the IT University.

Book a meeting here

When booking be aware
If your birthday is on the 1st - 15th of the month, you must book a meeting with Louise or Nanna.
If your birthday is on the 16th - 31st of the month, you must book a meeting with Johanne.

You only need to apply once for your entire BSc and once again for your entire MSc Programme

Questions or concerns?
For any questions regarding SPS you are more than welcome to contact the SPS student counsellor at or to book a meeting here


If you are already receiving SPS you might find the following links interesting:

  • Undervisningsministeriet (Ministry of Education): spsu/Videregaaende-uddannelser (responsible for the correct forms, decisions in awarding SPS, etc.)
  • Bogstøtten (Danish Link): fountain-house/bogstotten
    It is a cafe for students enrolled in higher education who have psychological disabilities. Most of the students are from medium length or higher educations.
  • Psykiatri Fonden (Danish Link):
    Here you can find helpful information about psychological diseases, research, and treatment. Furthermore, you can find links to several associations and interests groups in fields of different psychological disorders.
  • Student Counselling Service/Studenterrådgivningen: