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Writing BSc project and thesis during the corona-lockdown

Writing a thesis or a bachelor project is hard work and the current measures to prevent the spread of the corona virus, puts forward some unexpected obstacles to this already challenging process.
On this page you will find some advice regarding theses and project writing during these extraordinary circumstances

Structure your day
During normal circumstances it can be challenging to find an effective balance between working and taking breaks while writing a thesis or bachelor project, but in this situation where you have to work and spend most of your time at home, it can be even more difficult to detach yourself from your thesis or project. Some will also find it challenging to focus and ‘get to work’ when your workspace is your home. No matter what the issue is, it is very important to take breaks to clear your mind and renew your energy, so here are some tips to create some structure while working at home:

  • Approach it as a 9-5 job: An easy way to distinct thesis work and free time is to devote a specific time each day to thesis work. Start your “office hours” at the same time each day to get a sense of rhythm. Remember small breaks during your “office hours” to stay sharp
  • Make a plan for each day: What will you have to do today?
  • Reward yourself: Give yourself rewards, when you manage to make your planned goals of your morning/afternoon sessions
  • Go for a walk or a run: Fresh air and a momentary change of scenery is the perfect way to clear your head and recharge your batteries. Remember to follow the official health instructions and keep distance

Stay in touch
Isolation is not uncommon when writing your thesis, but it is not ideal. Interactions with friends, family or your supervisor can provide inspiration, energy and hope if needed. Phone calls, emails and several communication apps are fortunately still working during the current situation. 

Collecting empirical data
Gathering empirical data for your thesis or bachelor project is in many cases hindered by the current situation. Interviews, observation studies etc. will have to be conducted in a different and maybe digital setting.  Here are a few examples for alternative online based methods of collecting empirical data: 

  • Epistolary interviews: It is an interview method for asynchronous one-to-one interviews mediated by technology.
  • Online discussion platforms: If you plan to conduct a group interview or have a meeting with a focus group then there are several platforms that make this possible online.
  • Find more information on these and other methods in this document

It is a very good idea to discuss the impact of the current situation on your thesis or bachelor project with your supervisor. Maybe your project can be modified in appropriate ways or if you already have ideas for new approaches to collecting data your supervisor’s input is important.

Remember that you can always contact ITU’s Study and Career Guidance per mail