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FAQ about coronavirus and ITU

See below for the all the questions regarding the the Covid-19 situation and ITU Campus.
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This page is updated regularly following the newest guidelines and restrictions from the Authorities.


ITU Campus is open with access to campus 24/7. 

Everyone with a valid corona passport can enter campus. If you do not have a valid corona passport, you are not allowed to enter.

A valid corona passport is either proof that you are fully vaccinated, have been infected with Covid-19, a negative PCR test no more than 72 hours old or a negative quick test no more than 48 hours old. As documentation, you can for instance use the Coronapas App. You can also use non-digital documentation. Read more about the corona passport here.

General info

If you are infected with COVID-19 you need to be at home and self-isolate.

What is also important is that you contact SAP as soon as possible. We will need to talk to you about your close contacts at ITU.

Please e-mail SAP on, listing also your phone number. We need to be able to reach you, so keep your phone close.

When writing to SAP title your email Corona positive.

For more information see here on the official website.

We advice you to go to for information about what determines a close contact and how to act.

Access the information in Danish here

Then you need to stay at home. You self-isolate until hopefully you receive a negative test result.

Yes, from December 18, you need to wear a mask when you enter and walk around campus - including the canteen. You can remove your mask when sitting down.

If you use the labs you must follow the cleaning instructions in the lab. That includes cleaning the equipment, tables, doorknobs, switches, keyboards, screens, water taps etc. after use.

Preferably, equipment should only be used by one person at a time. If you need to share equipment, you should ensure the equipment is kept clean and reduce the time spent in close contact.

If in doubt you can always contact the Corona hotline or check out or the Danish Health Authority COVID19 page 

Courses and projects

Ordinary exams
Even though the semester has taken place at ITU, due to the rapid spread of the COVID-19 Omikron variant, all exams due January 2022 has been moved online.

As always a re-exam can change form, but as a standard it will not.

Since Covid-19 is still a thing to consider, it can influence on the form for your re-exam. 

Be sure to keep yourself updated in LearnIT about information on your re-exam.

For the Spring semester we are again welcoming everyone back at Campus for lectures and exercises, groupwork and study sessions.

At ITU or online?
Be aware that for each course it can vary if the course is executed all online, physically at ITU campus or a mix of both. Some departments will prioritise on-campus teaching, while others will accommodate to the flexibility that the online education can give to the current situation.

You can find the details for this on the course page in LearnIT.

The course pages will be updated before semester start about how to attend. If you are not able to find the information as week 5 approaches then contact the course manager.

Be aware that the restrictions have been lifted and coming to campus is considered safe. COVID-19 is no longer considered an exceptional situation.

If you have symptoms or you test positive with COVID-19 of course you cannot participate in class and group activities, since you need to stay at home.   

Missing out on a lecture
Should you miss out on some lectures due to special circumstances caused by COVID-19, as in any other case, it is a good idea to stay in contact with fellow students for important information and updates.

Missing out on many lectures
If you miss out on too many lectures and knowledge due to special circumstances caused by COVID-19, you can consider applying for an exemption. Remember you will need to be able to document the special circumstances at play. Read more about how to apply for an exemption.

All students and staff are recommended to get vaccinated or test frequently and we should all show consideration by keeping a safe distance to others. 

It is necessary to mention that since all restrictions have been lifted, we are back to normal with students attending lectures and exercises at ITU.

The teacher is not required to be able to share his lecture online or present anything digital.

See the information above if you are missing out on lectures due to either having symptoms or being tested positive with COVID-19.

This page was last updated January 2022