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FAQ about COVID-19 and ITU

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Even though we are past the big implications connected to COVID-19, there can still be questions related to the matter.

Follow the link for the questions that still surface when studying back at Campus.

Guidelines for COVID-19

Based on the recommendations from The Danish Health Authorities and the Danish Patient Safety Authority, we have made guidelines for you to follow as a student at ITU.

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How we handle COVID-19

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Again we have lectures at ITU and students come here for school related work. This is possible because we follow all the recommendations given by the authorities. Still we can experience incidents with students who have been tested positive with COVID-19.

We feel it is important to share with you our process of minimizing the potential spread of COVID-19 when incidents happen, so you are all aware of the actions that take place and so you can feel safe coming to ITU for lectures and groupwork.