Guide to election 2023

The Five-minute Election Guide

It is election time here at ITU. But why should you participate? How and not least when should you participate? Here is your five-minute guide to the upcoming ITU election.

Written November 2, 2023 by Marlene Mee Ahrens

You will soon be able to vote in the ITU election 2022. But why should you spend precious minutes taking part?  
The short answer is that it will give you a chance to influence many of the most important decisions abou the development of your own study programme, your study environment and the broader strategic focus for ITU. By voting you can make sure you are represented by a fellow student with whom you agree. If you want to be the ambassador yourself, you should consider running. Read more about running here. 

As a student you can elect a representative for your Subject Area Team, the Academic Board, the Board of Studies or the board of directors. In these boards both your teachers, head of study programme or the executive management participate. Find out more about the different boards and SAT Teams here.  

What to do when?

There are a lot of dates being communicated and it can be confusing. This infographic shows what to do when. Below the infographic, you can find more information about how to vote.  Find this guide in a mobile friendly version on Instagram.


How to vote

Find the polling station in Atrium on the 29 and 30 between 10.00 -14.00 and show your student card. Then you will receive a ballot, and on it you will find a list with names. Read carefully on your ballot whether the lists are "prioritised" or "without priority. If the list is  "prioritised" you can just vote for the list. However, if the list is "without priority", you have to vote for a specific candidate in order for your vote to count. If you just vote for a list which is without priority, your vote will be invalid.

Following seats are up for election:

  • Board of Directors (1 student to be elected)
  • Academic Board (2 students to be elected)
  • PhD Board (4 students to be elected)
  • Board of Studies ITU (1 student to be elected)
  • Subject Area Team for Games (2 students to be elected)
  • Subject Area Team for Digital Design (2 students to be elected)
  • Subject Area Team for Computer Science (5 students to be elected)
  • Subject Area Team for Business (3 students to be elected)

However, if there is only one candidate for the seat, he or she will automatically be elected.