Introduction to LearnIT

In this overall introduction video, we tell you a bit about what LearnIT is and why it is important to you as a student, how you sign on, and how you navigate on the site.

Please note that LearnIT is continuously developed and made better – and thus you may experience changes in the interface now and then.

To make sure that you know about the changes, we will inform you about them via user tours directly in LearnIT.

Introduction to the Dashboard

In this video, we introduce the dashboard in LearnIT, which is the hub page you encounter after signing on.

From here you can access the most essential information for your studies.

The dashboard consists of five different information blocks, e.g., a course overview of all your courses and a block with essential study tools and resources to support your studies here at ITU.

Introduction to the Course page

In this introduction video, we introduce the course page in LearnIT.
All courses have a course page in LearnIT with the same basic structure. However, the content of each page may be very different depending on how the teacher has customized it.

You can access the course pages for the courses you are enrolled in via the block »Course Overview« on your dashboard. On a course page you find: 

  • the material to prepare for each lecture,
  • the hand-in folder if you must hand in an exam assignment,
  • latest announcements from teachers and administrative staff,

and much more.

Introduction to All courses

In this video, we introduce the page »All Courses«.

All Courses presents you with an overview of all courses at ITU from 2013 and forward. Here, you can access the course descriptions from the Course Catalogue going back to spring 2019.

Introduction to the Top Bar

No matter where you are in LearnIT, you will see a black bar at the top.

In this video, we introduce this top bar where you find:

  • your profile with various links, e.g., to your profile, your ITU webmail, and to your personal preferences and settings,
  • a messaging function, 
  • notifications, 
  • and a global search function.