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Graduation Ceremony

To all our newly or coming graduates. Congratulations! You all rock! 

Once a year The IT University hosts a graduation ceremony for all students who complete their studies at ITU. 

At the ceremony, the vice-chancellor will congratulate all graduates. There will be a guest speaker, and after the official ceremony, there will be a reception with a little something to eat and drink. 

Graduation cermonies 2020

Due to the COVID-19 virus this year’s ceremony will be held online in ZOOM.
The ceremony will be hosted by The Head of Studies Aske Kammer and will include speeches and musical performances. 
Your name will be announced as an ITU graduate and we encourage you to celebrate this special occasion with family and friends. We will do our best to honor you and your achievement through the screen 

The ceremony for BSc, MA and diploma graduates will be held June 25 at 4 pm. See the programme

The ceremony for MSc graduates will be held June 26 at 4 pm. See the programme.

For further information about life after you graduate, have a look at ITU's page on Career, ITU's Job Bank or ITU's page on Knowing your competencies.